My Cruise to Puerto Rico!

My friends and I were making plans for the summer when I told them that I had always dreamed of going on a cruise. None of them had been before so we started to research prices and destinations. After a couple weeks of searching we found the perfect depature date and destination. We were going to Puerto Rico! I was ecstatic. There were many things we needed to get done before we went on the cruise; of course this included our hair and nails. This cruise seemed too good to be true!Puerto Rico
We were ready for the best vacation of our lives! Unfortunately, we discovered while reading through the rules that this was a DRY cruise? I was furious. How could we start off the perfect summer sober? There’s only so much you can do on a ship before you get tired. We needed to make sure we got our alcohol onboard or we were doomed. With a week to spare until the cruise I began to pack my bags an had a wonderful thought! What if I put some vodka in my mouthwash and added a couple of drops of food coloring? There would be no way for anyone to know it was “contraband”. After I found the perfect mixture of blue food coloring, green food coloring, and vodka, I told my friends. They loved it and said they needed the recipe. My best friend told me she also had an idea ! We all planned to meet on Wednesday, three days before the cruise.
On Wednesday, when I answered the door, my friends greeted me with huge smiles and even bigger bottles! We started the night off by pouring bottles of mouthwash into different containers. We put funnels in the top and filled them to the brim with our favorite vodka. Next we poured in four drops of blue food coloring and three drops of green food coloring. I gave them all a quick shake and they were amazed at how perfect the color was! My best friend then showed me the ultimate weapon. She had bought each of us a new bra. We were curious as to why. She then lifted her shirt and pulled a small straw from the inside of her bra. She was able to fit a liter of alcohol into her bra!! I was absolutely blown away. Thanks to quick thinking and a little ingenuity, this was still going to be an amazing vacation.
We all met before the cruise with our luggage and full bras with huge grins on our faces. We were about to commit the perfect crime and live to tell the tale. Thankfully the bra booze was enough to tide us over until we reached our destination, Puerto Rico. It was more beautiful than I ever imagined. Once we docked, my friends and I cheered with our “mouthwash” in hand. This had always ben my dream and we achieved it. I knew this was going to be the best vacation by far. We also found a way to make our vacation even more interesting with the help of a little “high spirits”!