Travel to Cancun For the All On 4!

I had to have mine replaced, so let me tell you what this surgery is all about….

Unfortunately, tooth loss is very common for many adults today, especially as they continue to age. In fact, countless people are missing a good portion of their lower and/or upper teeth, sometimes all of them. Instead of trying to cope with the daily hassles and discomfort of traditional dentures, many individuals are now turning to a more plausible choice known as the ‘All on 4’ dental implant solution

However, when it comes to the expense, Cancun, Mexico offers the most affordability compared to other dental facilities that also offer the exact same service located across Canada and the U.S.

While planning your next vacation in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico, consider restoring your smile in just one day. You’ll find the cheapest All on 4 dental surgeon in sunny Cancun without sacrificing quality or service.

How Does This Work?

In order to completely understand the logistics behind replacing your teeth, you first need to recognize what a dental implant can offer. A dental implant is a tiny screw made of titanium that fits perfectly inside the jawbone and works to replace the actual root aspect of your tooth. In order to properly insert the implants, minor dental surgery is required. But, once the dental implants are implemented, beautiful crowns are then readily attached in order to reveal very functional and realistic-looking teeth.

The best feature of the all-on-4 procedure is that you don’t have to replace each and every tooth, but only four strategically placed implants on both the top and bottom (if all your teeth are missing) in order to restore your perfect smile. This makes All on 4 the most practical and affordable solution for restoring your smile. Also, because the dental implant consists of titanium, it will inevitably fuse with the natural, living bone in your mouth and become part of it, which will serve as a long-lasting, strong foundation for your new smile.

Get Your Brand New Smile in Only One Day

When integrating the All on 4 technology with the skilled, expert Cancun dental staff, you can be sure that both your smile and your life in general will completely change in just one day.

Here are some of the key benefits of using All on 4 dental implant technology to regain your smile:

• The experienced, skilled staff along with all the necessary equipment and lab technicians are located in one facility that offers outstanding patient care.
• Cancun professional dentists have the ability to incorporate all 4 dental implants in addition to the arches while you are 100% sedated, comfortable, and well cared for throughout the procedure.
• Once the procedure is over, you leave the facility with a fully functioning, beautiful, and natural-looking new set of teeth.
• You only need to sacrifice just one day of your Cancun vacation to restore your smile.

While staying in sunny Cancun, Mexico on vacation, you can receive your All on 4 dental implant procedure at incredibly competitive prices compared to the U.S. or Canada. The dental surgeons and specialists are every bit as experienced and qualified in Cancun, but at a fraction of the cost.

Get Your New Smile While on Vacation

Want to find the cheapest All on 4 dental surgeon without sacrificing quality dental care? At many Canadian or U.S.-based dental centers, patients often spend weeks or sometimes even months while waiting for their costly new teeth. On the other hand, you can have your beautiful, new pearly-whites in just one short Cancun vacation. Get your new radiant smile while vacationing in sunny Cancun, Mexico.