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Have you ever wondered about that strange number that calls your phone in a very inconvenient time? Have you ever tried to find out who that number belongs to, and what could they be calling for? There’s a method that has been used for years! When a unknown number would call my home phone years ago and hang up, or we simply just missed the call we could dial (*67) and it will dial the number of the person calling right back. I’m not sure if that still works today, and I’m not sure if it ever worked on cell phones! But it definitely worked for land lines. What I do know today is that there are so many methods to finding phone numbers right from your mobile phone using the internet.

They even have apps that allow you to see who’s calling you, and where they are calling from! There is also many websites such as,, and that allows you to find people and phone numbers. These services provide consumers with the option of reverse look up, another good source is online White pages. Online White pages is the largest and most trusted online directory for finding accurate contact information! Some sites require a payment to do reverse lookup but with the White pages you’ll be able to enter the person name city and state in the search bar, and it will display its results in seconds.

Or you would be able to enter the phone number and find out who it belongs to using the Whitepages, or any other site. These sites include but are not limited to 411 people search,,, and Most of these sites just require you to enter information in the search bar such as, name, phone number, or address along with payment information and your results may vary! The steps too looking up phone numbers online are pretty much self explanatory once you figure out the site you would like to go through.

I recommend the White pages, and spokeo reverse. phone look up

For the most part spokeo is somewhat free to an extent! But if you intend to get more information you will have to pay a small fee; shouldn’t be anymore than five dollars depending on what information is being requested.

Like I stated earlier looking up phone numbers on the internet is self explanatory and its even easier now with mobile apps such as, Mr. Number blocker. This app identifies the number for you and lets you know wether its scammers, telemarketers, or just simply a relative! The best part about this app is its absolutely free!